We currently provide services and equipment in in these areas:
  • Water transport for rigs and fracing operations
  • Production services including measurement, water and oil transportation
  • We have potable water tankers for both man camps and boilers
  • Chemical transporters
  • Propane hot oiler trucks, frac heaters and a propane delivery service
  • Heavy haul capable of medium to heavy hauling
  • Certified Poly pipe fusing equipment and installation services 2” through 18” diameter pipe
  • Complete frac support service including tank manifolds, pit pumping, and filtering services
  • Permanent and temporary pumping solutions including pumps and piping installation to tanks from pits or any combination of systems
  • Two repair shops with 24 hour diesel mechanics and emergency equipment mobilization services
  • Water treatment mobile equipment to clean and reprocess water for frac and production needs.
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Frac Support, Manifolds, High Volume Fluid Pumps, Water Transfer, Filtering, Drilling & Completion Consulting, Equipment Rentals, Heavy Duty Hauling, High Head Pumping, Mobile Water Recycling, Crane Services, Upright Tank Rental

Water Recycle / Cleaning

Stateline recently added water treatment and recycling of water as a mobile service provided to the fracing and production needs. Stateline saw a need to provide recycling of the frac and production water to improve water usage and cost. We welcome a discussion with your company to improve your water usage. This includes a mobile Biological Treatment system. Read More

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James Segrest: 970-778-2648 Front Range Area and Wyoming
Robert Quintana: 970-314-3304 Western Slope and Utah
Jake Segrest: 970-270-5388